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April Fool or April Cool?

Posted by Kelli Hudson on Apr 1, 2015 1:17:05 PM

Orlando City Soccer continues to paint the city purple.  The Citrus Bowl now has a purple pitch for their April 3 game against DC United.  The Lions had to get special permission from FIFA to install the purple grass in the stadium, a process that has been ongoing for over two years.  
The grass is 100% real, grown and created by TurfRite, who bred the grass with purple enzymes found in both lavender and eggplant.  The grass was grown as an entire field and took 11 months to create.  It was then strategically placed in the Orlando Citrus Bowl, just in time for their next game.  The grass was supposed to debut for the Lion's first official MLS game, but it was not up to the standard that they wanted.
Will this give Orlando City a competitive advantage?  Afterall, they wear a complete purple uniform: the other team will not see them coming.  
What do you think of the latest debut in the "paint the city purple" campaign? Tell us your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

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