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Iconic Sorcerers Hat at Hollywood Studios to be Torn Down

Posted by Kelli Hudson on Oct 28, 2014 2:11:15 PM

Since 2001, the Sorcerers Hat at Disney's Hollywood Studios has stood tall as the focal point of the Hollywood themed park.  There was much controversy when the hat was first being built, as it very obviously blocked the Chinese theater, the previous focal point. There have also been complaints that the hat does not represent the decades in which it is located (this area is made to represent the 1920s-1940s).  There are others, though, who do not know the park without the iconic sorcerers hat and enjoy the representation of Sorcerer Mickey from Disney's Fantasia.  Either way, Disney has released a statement that the iconic hat will be torn down in early 2015. 

Although Disney has not said what will replace the sorcerers hat, there is speculation that they will want to expand on the Star Wars franchise, since buying it from Lucas Films in 2012.  With the undeniable success of Disney's Frozen, others think there will be a tribute to the film replacing the hat. The entire park has been undergoing changes, with the removal of both the Backlot Tours and the American Idol Experience and the addition of Frozen Funland.  


Tell us your thoughts on the removal of the Sorcerers Hat.  Do you like the change or not?  What do you think will replace it?  Tweet us at @thefloridahotel or become a fan on Facebook!

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